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Becoming a PartnerInVoip  Partner  Our solutions are for entrepreneurs, service providers, resellers, or for any business that wants to provide VoIP services with little or no up-front cost. Our services include ITSP, Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and Calling Cards.   More importantly, our service is completely white labeled so you can use your company branding.  There is no reason to establish your own program, build the software yourself, use unstable open source solutions, or become agents of some provider and earn simply the small commissions they pay you.

Becoming a Partner with us, sharing our software and hosting capacity, you are able to start an exciting new business, or add to your existing portfolio, just when the VoIP industry is coming of age.  In fact, most predictions are that, at a time of soaring rates of major common carriers, VoIP will someday account for ALL commercial voice traffic in the US.

Partners Accounts  When you become a Partner, your account gives you access to your own partition.  You control your entire VoIP program from your web browser via a secure connection and login.  Control and create unlimited profit centers, tax parameters, products, rate cards, pooled minutes packages, brands, and customer accounts for Hosted PBX, ITSP, SIP trunking, or Calling Card.

Each profit center acts as an accounting system which allows you track and monitor your customer accounts including debtors, sales, creditors, sales and tax.  Extensive reporting includes nominal accounts, payments, CDRs, destinations reports, profits, pooled minutes analysis and usage reports.

Some other features you will have are:

  • Currency Conversions: You can apply currency conversions and sell to other countries outside the USA.  Configure your PBX accounts order and configure PBX accounts. Each company is partitioned on the PBX by domain.
  • Unlimited Rate Cards: Create unlimited rate cards within each profit center.  Rate cards can then be mapped to different products if required. You could have a PBX account with packaged minutes attached, when the packaged minutes are all used you may want to call rates to be higher than a standard calling plan.
  • Packaged Minutes: Group together dial codes and times to create a range of flexible packaged minute plans to assign to a PBX account.

Customer Accounts  Each of your customers will have an account in ourPartnerInVoip application system where everything is recorded, stored, and managed.  Each company lives in its own partition on the system.  View, configure, and control everything to do with your customers.  Each company has its own set of invoices.  As an option, you can have your customers’ login to their own accounts directly from their own website by placing a simple link on your website.  Of course, it will be your brand, your colors, your logo, and your company that they will see.

NO Billing or Collecting   All billing, payments, taxes, and accounting is handled by PartnerInVoip., But, you will always have complete access to all the information and participate in setting prices.  We take care of everything.  This includes compliance (Licenses, collection of all taxes and payment) with more than 22,000 jurisdictions and the 7,000 Federal, State and Local Taxes and Laws.

PartnerInVoip has done all the work for you  All you have to do is become a Partner with us, insert your business name, and start marketing.

You Are Always in Control  Most important, you have complete control over everything, including your prices and the amount of profits you wish to make.  You set the prices and keep 100% of the profits!  We are there to provide you the systems, training, and support.

Timing Could Not Be Better  OurPartnerInVoip Solution is Unique.  The VoIP customer opportunities are increasing and the timing could not be better to start a VoIP business.

Signup Today  If you are looking to get involved with the most aggressive partner program in the industry, you have come the right place.  We offer the most comprehensive Suite of Products and Services, all White Labeled, plus a robust partner back-office system to manage your business.  You choose whatever you want from our Suite of Services , whenever you need it.

We call it “ VoIP Business in a Box”

It’s as simple as opening up the box, with everything you need including unique Service Vendor relationships, complete training, marketing materials, lead generation, quote generation tools, formatted contracts, and a billing & collections department that saves time and money.  Typically we assist our partner on their 1st sale the day after they first talk to us.  They are often signing up customers, even before we have a chance to customize any marketing material.

Our program gives you complete control of your business, including determining your own compensation rate and setting your own prices.  We found that even 50% – 60% still puts your prices below most of the competition.

We challenge you to compare our program to anyone else, worldwide.  Our success comes from ensuring you are successful.  Give us a call

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From all of us at, PartnerInVoip we look forward to you partnering with us and allowing us to show you what world class VoIP service is all about.