Levels of Partners

Whom We are Looking For

PartnerInVoip is looking for distributors, individuals, and organizations who realize that the VoIP service business is an exploding industry and they are interested in creating a business without the capital investment or the investment of additional resources.  You do not have to purchase equipment to install at your customer’s site.  You tell us what to charge your customer, and we provide the equipment and bill your customer with your markup.  You receive the profits.

We are looking for companies who currently offer technology-based services, consultant services, and equipment/supplies to an existing customer base.

Partners do not need to know anything about offering telephone services.  We will teach you all you need to know.  All you need the vision to see the potential revenue streams, and additional service you can offer your existing customers, and the willingness to make the move.

PartnerInVoip Solution is Unique.  The VoIP customer opportunities are increasing and the timing could not be better to start a VoIP business.

PartnerInVoip is the easy, inexpensive answer to entering into the rewarding and profitable Hosted PBX, ITSP, and SIP Trunking market.

Levels of Partnership

Channel Managers – As a Channel Manager, you acquire Partners, and to act as liaisons between PartnerInVoip and your Master Partners, Partners, & Partners to Propose, Evaluate and Install a solution.

Typical Channel Managers – Have many years in the Telephone of Computer Industry, and have experience as a channel executive, building a sales team.  They will know many organizations that fit the Partner profiles to call upon to build their network.  They will also have management and sales skills to coach the partners, on a schedule, with building their core business while leveraging VoIP.  Experience with partner profiling and recruiting.  A person who has an entrepreneurial background and understands the demands of running a small to mid-sized business and the need to succeed.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Channel Manager, contact us.


Master Partner  – Individuals organizations that have the talent and ability to find, evaluate, quote, and install a solution.

Typical Master Partners – Computer Managed Services Organizations (MSP’s), traditional phone equipment sales (TPE’s), CLEC’s, and ISP’s.   A Master Partner will inherently benefit from a “Sales Team” made up from Partners and Referral Partners, and then use the model to build their own organization.

Direct Wholesale – Master Partners, like Partners, can purchase equipment and services they need directly from our Service Providers at major discounts.  But, as a Master Partner, you will receive a slightly better discount than a regular Partner.

Master Partner Level is achieved by proven performance as a regular Partner.  If you would like to know more about how you can become a Master Partner, contact us:


Partner – Individual or organizations that have the willingness and ability to incorporate VoIP into their product or services portfolio and are ready to begin training and marketing with PartnerInVoip.  Partner candidates may not yet be fully qualified to quote or install a solution, but they have the capacity to add that ability.

Typical Partners – are organizations like Copier, Telephone, Structured Wire Installers, Fire / Burglar Alarm, etc.  They are technology savoy.

Upgrade to Master Partner – Once a Partner builds a level of confidence and experience in distributing VoIP platforms, and their total volume of units reaches at least 300 installed instruments, they can upgrade to Master Partner and obtain a better wholesale price from our Service Providers.


Referral Partner – Individuals and organizations, that can and only want to supply a lead for an opportunity.

Typical Referral Partner – Are Telecomm Company Sales People, CPA, Credit Card Processors, General Contractors, Moving Companies,  or any other commercial/retail Business.  They want to begin building another income stream simply by connecting us to new opportunities.  Referral Partners are organizations that may desire to participate at the Partner level, but has connections and a strategic presence in the marketplace.  PartnerInVoip Referral Partners identify new opportunities and are compensated for their involvement in the selling process.  All business are then sold through PartnerInVoip, with the referring partner receiving a commission upon PartnerInVoip receiving payment.


Quality, not quantity is a critical component in our Partner selection criteria.  We make certain that we have the best possible partners, with minimal overlap in trade areas, creating the greatest opportunity for everyone.