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Wecome to Partner in VoIP

Here's a short video
to introduce our program

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Here Are Some Important Facts

Businesses are looking to increase their sales and profits

Without adding staff or investing capital

Over the last 10 years Voice Over Platform VoIP sales have exploded,

Growing over 18% last year alone

VoIP sales this year will exceed $200 Billion

Over 90,000 companies have already switched to cloud-based VoIP

Ready to Hear More?

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You can now take advantage of this opportunity

Become a Partner Reseller and change everything

Adding VoIP services to your existing business can help grow your business

Or, quickly and easy start a VoIP business with little to no investment.

When companies see that they can save 60% on their phone bill with VOIP....

....the concept sells itself.

Let me show you just how easy it is

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Everything you have been looking for in one place

Solid business model

World Class support team

Cloud-based VoIP platform

White Labeled - Add your existing company name & start marketing

Marketing materials, social media, e-mails - White Labeled

We provide everything you need

Equipment Cost Options

FREE training at PIV University

We handle all the billing, payments, taxes, & accounting

There's still more

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No Risks - High Returns

NO Lost Customers - They are ALWAYS yours

NO long term contracts

NO capital investment

NO increasing your staff

NO fixed pricing - White Labeled, so set your own prices

All you need to do is market, sell, install...

...and collect the profits.

We call it "VoIP in a box"

Excited Yet?

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As you can see, we've done all the hard work for you

Become a Partner

Enter your business name, colors, and logo..

... start marketing.

So, what are you waiting for?


 Cloud Based Platform

PartnerInVoip is a cloud based system for hosted PBX and ITSP.


Business ManagementPartnerInVoip is offering opportunities for Partners easy entry to offering VoIP.

Completely White Labeled

white labelComplete White Label Service.  Your Customers do business with you. We provide the systems and train you.  READ MORE

Equipment and Systems

Integrated Phone System PBXPartnerInVoip has all the latest equipment, expertise, and features you need to start your business.

No Long Term Contracts

We renew every 30-days, realizing we have to earn your trust and then work constantly to keep it.

Equipment Cost Options

bank_accounting We have several options, including billing your customers direct for you.

Top Team

Low Risk – High Returns

PartnerInVoip was established to meet the needs of resellers enabling them to quickly capitalize on the booming digital phone revolution while adding a new revenue stream to their business..

Сustomer Support

You Are Always in Control

You have complete control over everything, including your prices and the amount of profits you wish to make.  We are there to provide you the systems, training, and support.  And, your customers are always yours.


Just Market, Sell, Install & Get Paid

We do all the rest.  By partnering with PartnerInVoip, you continue to do what you do best, selling, installing, and service.  You all allow us to do what we do best, provide equipment, education, and all the administrative and billing functions.

Here are just some of our approved Service Providers

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kta technical services

Here are some of our features

Cloud Solutions
Nothing matches the flexibility, scalability, and accessibility of VoIP services that live in a cloud environment; one where the available computing resources adjust to accommodate your demand in real or near-real time.
Disaster Recovery
PartnerInVoip cloud VoIP model provides an embedded continuity plan that’s built in at implementation, not just a bolted on as an afterthought. 256                 
Mobile Office
With our platform, everything can be pushed from your office system directly to your mobile phone so that it literally becomes your traveling VoIP system. Never miss a call wherever you are.256
Toll Free
One of the main advantages PartnerInVoip has over conventional phone systems is that it provides a method of cheap yet extensive long distance communication.

Call us today at (407) 965-3889 or email

Let your imagination flow. Whether a new Reseller or an existing Service Provider, create your own VoIP telecommunications business. Become a Partner and see the difference.