Capital Equipment Options

BusinessmanNormally, the cost for setting up a Hosted PBX platform offers a significant barrier to entry into the VoIP market.  VoIP systems are complex, time consuming and it needs to be managed 24 hours a day.   Then, add to that the up front capital needed to purchase the equipment inventory to resell, and that barrier can become a stone wall.

We’ve got the answers   By becoming a PartnerInVoip  reseller, you sidestep all the hurdles and get your business off the ground immediately.  And, we have options for you to acquire and sell the necessary hardware to your customers, including one where you do not have to user your own capital to purchase the equipment.

Important:   be up and running in the matter of hours with proven sales collateral, customer contracts, seasoned tech support and accounting for billings, collections and government compliance.

Here are our options:

Option 1 – Purchase Equipment Directly  You can always purchase the equipment direct from once of our service providers, mark it up yourself, and we will bill your customer for you.  For example, assume a phone costs you $100 from one of our equipment providers.  You want to mark the phone up to $150, and inform your customer accordingly.  You will send $100 directly to the equipment provider and have the phone delivered to either you or directly to your customer (or wherever you want).

Then, on your behalf, we will bill your customer $150 and send the full amount to you.  So, you receive the $100 you paid for the phone plus your $50 profit.

Option 2 – We know that not all companies have the capital to purchase the equipment for an installation, especially a large one.  So, we offer you a simple markup option.  Just as in the above scenario, you need a phone for your customer, and you want to make $50 profit.  We will purchase the phone for $100 for you and have it shipped to you our your customer (or, wherever you want).

But, in this case, you tell your customer the cost of the phone is $165.  As before, on your behalf, we will bill your customer, but this time for $165.  We will use $100 to repay our account for the money we loaned you to purchase the phone as well as send you the $50 profit you wanted.  The remaining $15 we keep as a financing fee for the $100 of ours we used to purchase the phone.

But, you must remember to tell your customer the phones will cost $165, because that is what we will bill them.  If you forget, and the customer thinks the phones is only $150, we will change the invoice to $150 and keep $115 ($100 to repay for the phone cost and our $15 finance charge).  We will send you the remaining $35.

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