Who Does What Business Model

We know you may be hesitant on bring on new services or products, because your provider makes a mistake, you can lose your customers’ entire account.  Introducing a BAD new product or service, will jeopardize not only the short term revenue, but also the value of the customer over the long term.

We understand !

But, the introduction of VoIP into your business with a good partner will minimize the effort of your team and maximize your margins.

That is why we created PartnerInVoip.

What You Do

1.  Tell your existing customers.
2.  Market and bring in new customers.
3.  Generate customer quote.
4. Sign contract for service with the customer.
5.  Install Phones.

Because this is your business, you set the prices and keep 100% of the profits!


Partnership and team workWhat PartnerInVoip Does

1.  Research and stay on top of the industry to provide new products and services that complement our current ones.  If you are not doing it, your competition is.

2.  Develop and test quality, certified wholesale Service Providers for you.

3.  Assist new partners develop business plan, goal setting, marketing strategy, and even an exit strategy.

4.  A customized program the precisely fits your needs.

5.  Provide any necessary on-boarding training to your marketing, sales, or install teams at our PIV University.  This includes any one-on-one training and support on an ongoing basis.

6.  Our PartnerInVoip marketing engine, including White Labeled materials you need for your marketing campaigns.  We also offer marketing analysis and expertise to quickly get your new VoIP brand recognized.

7.  Referrals from corporate and Referral Partners.  We don’t sell directly to Customers.

8.  Sophisticated Proposal Development Portal that allows you to quickly and easily develop professional, accurate quotes.

9.  Offer fully developed and attorney-reviewed standard contract agreements that are White Labeled, of course.

10. Powerful Admin Panel and Billing Platform that keeps track of everything and allows you to segment your business into any component layout you like.

11. We generate all the invoices to your customers, under your name, using your prices, collect revenues, calculate and pay all Government taxes, and send you the rest.  We will even bill your customers for VoIP system items you provided them that we don’t offer.

12. Provide professional underlying support

13. Offer the most aggressive compensation plan in the industry.