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Hosted VoIP Disaster Recovery

disaster_recovery_aWhen disaster strikes, will your organization be ready?  When your phones go down, so does your business.  Floods, fires, power outages, man-made disasters…any number of things can slow or shut down your communications systems.  Phone outages result not only in lost revenue and productivity, but they can also damage your reputation and credibility with your customers

When considering a VoIP implementation, companies usually discuss potential cost savings, unified communications and how to measure productivity gains.  However, one thing that does not get brought up often is how companies can use PartnerInVoip  platforms as a way to ensure continuous communications in the event of a disaster.

No Downtime, No Matter What Happens  In the event disaster strikes, a business needs a back-up plan to keep in touch with their customers. PartnerInVoip‘s Disaster Recovery allows you to have continuous communication even in a disaster.  Because our Hosted VoIP works at layer 3, it looks and acts just like any other IP-based application.

Take email as an example.  The user, no matter where they are, need not worry about the actual location of the mail server.  They just plug into an Internet connection, fires up the VPN client and just like magic, email works.  There’s actually no magic about it; that’s the way IP is supposed to work.  The same thing can be done for telephony if VoIP is being used.  Anywhere there is an Internet connection, there can be corporate telephony.  This flexibility and adaptability is perfect for any emergency or disaster situation where other networks may be inoperable.

Cloud backup  Because our PartnerInVoip  platforms are cloud-based, everything is automatically backed up.  Our cloud VoIP solutions allow you to protect your business’s voice just like your protect the integrity of your networks….all automatically.   PartnerInVoip secure data centers are there for one purpose, to keep your phones up and running, no matter when disaster strikes.

Always Open for Business  So, in the event of a disaster, your calls can be re-directed to another location.   If a customer calls your office line the call is automatically re-routed – VoIP to another line that is not affected by the disaster.  This feature is very convenient and will make sure you are always in contact with your customers if your entire telephone and internet system in your building is damaged.

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